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Specialty Cakes


Cake Size/ Servings

6” feeds 10

7” feeds 15

8” feeds 20

9” feeds 25

10” feeds 30

Round Tier Cake Sizing

2 tiered feeds 25 – 60

3 tiered feeds 55 – 80

4 tiered feeds 100 – 150

5 tiered feeds 165 – 210

6 tiered feeds 245 – 310

What is the difference between buttercream and fondant?

Although buttercream is more inexpensive it does not have the stability, beauty, and clean finish fondant has. Fondant leaves the exterior of your cake looking flawless while buttercream will never be flawless as it is an air based icing and  will also never be 100% white because of the butter content.


-Red velvet cake with Nutella mousse.

-Vanilla cake with cannoli cream and chocolate chips.

-Vanilla cake with mango and pineapple mouse.

-Vanilla cake with raspberry jam, Lemon mousse, Fresh strawberries.

-Vanilla cake with Napolean cream and Fresh strawberries.

-Carrot cake with cream cheese icing.

-Chocolate cake with raspberry jam and milk chocolate mousse.

-Vanilla cake with orange marmalade and vanilla mousse.

-Vanilla cake with raspberry jam, vanilla bean mousse, and fresh strawberries.

-Red velvet with cream cheese icing.

-Red velvet with dolce de leche mousse.

-Chocolate and vanilla cake combination with a cookies and cream oreo mousse.

-Chocolate Guinness cake with whiskey ganache and baileys mousse. Chocolate cake with chocolate ganche, chocolate mousse and chocolate chips.

-Vanilla cake with nutella mousse and fresh strawberries.

-Vanilla cake with orange marmalade, mango pineapple mousse, and fresh strawberries.

-Vanilla cake with maple walnut mousse.

-French nut cake with fudge and nutella mousse.

-Vanilla cake with chocolate mousse and fresh strawberries.

-Vanilla cake with raspberry mousse.

-Chocolate cake with raspberry mousse.

-Vanilla cake with fudge and vanilla bean mousse.

-Vanilla cake with gulab jamun mousse.

-Vanilla cake with lemon curd mousse and fresh strawberries.

-Chocolate cake with creme brûlée mousse.

-Chocolate cake with mint chocolate chip mousse.

-Chocolate Brownie a la mode- Chocolate cake, fudge, & cream cheese filling.

-Chocolate cake with peanut butter mousse.

-Chocolate cake with coffee mousse.

-Chocolate cake with fudge, milk chocolate mousse, and chocolate chips- death by chocolate.

-Chocolate cake with fudge and vanilla bean mousse.

-Carrot cake with maple walnut cream cheese icing.

-Vanilla cake with cardamom mousse.

**Egg-less cakes available upon request

For tiered cakes you can choose more than one flavor at no additional cost. We recommend you do 2-3 flavor combinations, when doing more than a three tiered cake, to please everyone’s pallet and satisfy all your guests..

How do I order my cake?

We recommend everyone comes in for a consultation to book their cake, the more time we have; the better we can prepare for your cake. In the consultation you’ll speak one on one with the cake decorator, have a cake tasting, and discuss designs, pricing and how to tie your theme together with a delicious and beautiful cake.  We ask that you please limit the tasting to no more than 4 of your friends and family members.  Consultations are Monday-Thursday from 9am-5:30pm by appointment only, and are held at the bakery; google maps logo285 Gordons Corner Road Manalapan, NJ 07726.  If you require a weekend consultation please give us ample notice as there are only a few available time slots a month to ensure each cake receives our undivided attention.  Please feel free to contact us with any comments, questions or concerns 1-888-YUM-CAKE (1-888-986-2253).

Do we deliver?

We do deliver to NJ, NY, PA, CT, DE, delivery is extra and starts at $75.00, the price will depend on season, location, and availability.

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