Wedding Cake FAQ

ChocaL8kiss Wedding Cake Pricing, Sizes, and Info

Thank you for your interest in ChocaL8kiss, we can’t wait to make your event a spectacular one. We understand that event planning can be frustrating so we strive to make ordering your cake a simple and enjoyable experience.  Please confirm your order as soon as it is possible as there is a limit to the amount of detailed cakes we can do per weekend to guarantee your order will be done to your specifications and requirements.  At least two weeks notice is preferred to ensure we have ample time to create your custom cake.


Basic Pricing: We typically recommend budgeting between $6.00-$8.00+ per serving for wedding cakes


Here at ChocaL8kiss our pricing is by the person/slice based on the exterior of the cake and the design.  When choosing the amount of cake you’ll need, we recommend you purchase a cake for 50-65% of your total guests. The reason for this is typically there are additional desserts and not everyone eats cake. Depending on the design you choose, the price would vary from there; colors, intricate piping, sugar flowers, and cakes not in a traditional round shape would increase the price.


Round Tier Cake Sizing

Two Tiered
Feeds 25-60

Three Tiered
Feeds 55-80

Four Tiered
Feeds 100-150

Five Tiered
Feeds 165-210

Six Tiered
Feeds 245-310

What is the difference between buttercream and fondant?

Although buttercream is more inexpensive it does not have the stability and clean finish fondant has. Fondant leaves the exterior of your cake looking flawless while buttercream will never be flawless as it is an air based icing. The smooth, clean finish that fondant provides adds stability as well as beauty. Buttercream will also never be 100% white but, an off white because of the butter content.

What are your flavors?

Our signature flavor is red velvet cake with nutella spread and milk chocolate mousse. Our luscious red velvet cake is an elegant cake to cut into; the silky red inside is perfect for pictures. The nutella spread provides the perfect balance of hazelnut and milk chocolate enhancing the flavor of your cake.

Other popular flavor combinations:

-Red velvet cake with Nutella mousse

-Red velvet with cream cheese icing

-Vanilla cake with cannoli cream and chocolate chips

-Vanilla cake with mango and pineapple mouse

-Vanilla cake with raspberry jam, Lemon mousse, (Fresh strawberries optional)

-Vanilla cake with Napolean cream (Fresh strawberries optional)

-Vanilla cake with raspberry jam, vanilla bean mousse, (Fresh strawberries optional)

-Vanilla cake with Nutella mousse (Fresh strawberries optional)

-Vanilla cake with orange marmalade, vanilla bean mousse

-Vanilla cake with chocolate mousse (Fresh strawberries optional)

-Vanilla cake with raspberry mousse

-Vanilla cake with fudge and vanilla bean mousse

-Vanilla cake with gulab jamun mousse

-Chocolate cake with creme brûlée mousse

-Chocolate cake, fudge, & cream cheese filling

-Chocolate cake with peanut butter mousse

-Chocolate cake with coffee mousse

-Chocolate cake with fudge, milk chocolate mousse, and chocolate chips

-Chocolate cake with raspberry mousse

-Chocolate with a cookies and cream oreo mousse

-Chocolate cake with raspberry jam and milk chocolate mousse

-French nut cake with fudge and Nutella mousse

-French nut cake with chocolate mousse

-Carrot cake with cream cheese icing

**Egg-less and gelatin free cakes available upon request**

For tiered cakes you can choose more than one flavor at no additional cost. We recommend you do 2-3 flavor combinations, when doing more than a three tiered cake, to please everyone’s pallet and satisfy all your guests.

How do I order my cake?

We recommend everyone comes in for a consultation to book their cake. However, we can easily take orders through email as well. In the consultation you’ll speak one-on-one with a cake decorator, have a cake tasting, and discuss pricing and designs. We ask that you please limit the tasting to no more than 4 of your friends and family members. Consultations are by appointment only, and are held at the bakery located at google maps logo285 Gordons Corner Road Manalapan, NJ 07726. Please see Bookings/Inquiries for our calendar of availability or please feel free to contact us with any comments, questions or concerns 1-888-YUM-CAKE (1-888-986-2253).

Do we deliver?

We do deliver to NJ, NY, PA, CT, DE, delivery is extra and starts at $75.00, the price will depend on season, location, and availability.