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ChocaL8kiss is a full service bakery & cafe that specializes in custom created cakes. We are a one-stop-shop for all your sweet tooth needs with an amazing healthly cafe hidden inside. Who would have thought you could walk into a bakery and walk out with a weeks worth of meals, a dessert flavored protein shake and ZERO GUILT?! In August of 2012 ChocaL8kiss started making protein shake to follow The Max Fitness Program; a 10 week fitness program with a specific diet and work out regimen. Our menu has evolved over the years including shakes, meals, snacks and desserts with Paleo options. We strive to make living a healthier life easy with delicious readily available meals and snacks.

Hot Meals, Sides, Deserts & Platters

Protein Shakes & Smoothies

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Heating Instructions:  Items come frozen, please immediately freeze or refrigerate.  Refrigerated items will defrost and should be consumed in 3 days.  Meals, soups, and sides can be heated directly from frozen in the microwave, or stove top (add 2 TBL of water to pot or dish and cover loosely to steam).  All food should be warmed thoroughly to 165 degrees.


Prep Instructions: Stop in for a freshly made shake or order ahead
If you place an order online your shake will we frozen for travel purposes – Defrost in the fridge for 2-3 hours or enjoy as it defrosts stirring frequently. *If your shake is more defrosted than you would have liked, zap it in the blender with some ice!


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